Not In That Dress, Princess!

Publisher: Otter-Barry

Princess Bess is infuriated that she is treated differently from her two brothers, Prince More and Prince Less, who are free to do whatever they choose. When Bess wants to play football, climb trees or feed the pigs, she is repeatedly told ‘Not in that dress!’ Frustrated at this inequality, she is determined to prove that being a girl is not a hindrance to having fun and trying new things. She proceeds to launch a rocket, ski through a blizzard and brush a lion’s mane, all while wearing a dress.

The repetitive, rhyming text is great to read aloud and will encourage children to join in with the words. Colourful, lively illustrations fill every page and provide lots of humour and visual interest to engage the reader. This light-hearted, imaginative picture book contains an important underlying message, that gender is not a barrier to following dreams and embarking on adventures, big and small. Featuring ethnically diverse characters, this inclusive tale joyfully celebrates gender equality, individuality and self-expression.

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