Nibbles Numbers

Publisher: Little Tiger Press

Meet Nibbles. He’s a very naughty book-eating monster and once he’s been let out of his cage there’s no stopping him!

First, he chews a hole in the number one, then runs off to try and get to the number two before you can catch him. And yes, you can probably guess what happens next – Nibbles munches his way through all the numbers in the book, leaving chewed-up bits behind him.

It wouldn’t be so bad if he was a little bit sorry but Nibbles is obviously having a great time. And if you think it’s all over when he gets to the number ten and the end of the book, think again! Nibbles has one last escape plan to get away and start chomping through the book all over again...

This funny, sturdy board book makes counting and number recognition exciting and entertaining. With flaps and die-cut pages, little fingers will want to keep following naughty Nibbles.

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