Nibbles Colours

Publisher: Little Tiger

Nibbles, the cute book-eating monster, is HUNGRY. This book has some yummy colours in it that he wants to eat.

Rosy red is juicy sweet, orange is zesty and bright, and yummy yellow is as bright as the sun. Yet, the more Nibbles eats, the more a big hole appears in the middle of the book!

Hang on! In eating her way through all those yummy colours, Nibbles has made a rainbow of the book instead! What a clever monster.

A gorgeous, original yet simple board book about colours is presented interactively and with great humour (and serious lashings of cute) in this lovely addition to the Nibbles series for younger readers.

Perfect for toddlers at storytime or on the go, this bright little gem of a book is full of fun and teaches little ones their colours as well as being a super fun read.

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