Natboff: One Million Years of Stupidity

Publisher: Egmont

The story of the inhabitants of the village of Lamonic Bibber, a place Mr Gum (also by Andy Stanton) fans are already very familiar with, from 20,000 years ago until 1 million years in the future.

We first hear from caveman Natboff, whose wife Sally has sadly been stolen by Chunka; then on through history, including the very, very stupid The Miracles of Saint Follican written in Medievalish English, to a play written by Terry Shakespeare set in Lamonic Bibber, through time to a deeply hilarious alternative Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde...

This is probably going to be the most ridiculous and funny book you will ever read. If you loved Mr Gum, you will love this book (and you get to meet a few ancestors of the beloved characters!). If you’ve never read Mr Gum, read you can read this book book first as it’s a kind of prequel (and a kind of sequel, too).

Just find it, savour it and read it to a child or to yourself. The twist in the tale at the end may actually have you CHOKING with laughter. 

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