Nancy Parker's Spooky Speculations

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Nancy Parker is back – and the plucky 1920s housemaid has a spooky mystery on her hands.

She’s started a new job at Oxcoombe Grange, a house that’s absolutely in the middle of nowhere. That sense of isolation makes it all the more chilling when bumps are heard in the night, strange figures are seen and objects inexplicably topple down from their shelves.

Not that Nancy is too unnerved – this kind of detective work is what she does best. She’s also got her friend Ella nearby, to help her get to the bottom of things. While Nancy is convinced that the house is haunted, Ella is certain there must be a more logical explanation… Who will prove right?

Told through a mix of formats – illustrated diary entries, letters and straight third-person chapters – and points of view, this is a fun and engaging romp that will keep you guessing and clutching at the many clues and revelations along the way.

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