Mystery at the Ice Hotel

Chasing Danger 2

Publisher: Scholastic


This is the second adventure for our teenager heroes Chase and Mackenzie, who we first met in Chasing Danger, but this new story set in the Arctic circle stands alone.

The thrill-a-minute tale starts with a near-fatal runaway sledge ride - and doesn't give up the pace. There's mystery, danger and somewhat glamorous intrigue everywhere in the exclusive Arctic circle resort, where Chase's dynamic and ultra-adventurous grandmother is launching her new dating app for singles over 65.

There are boys to fall in love with (in an innocent way), outfits to be described, and suspicious happenings to be investigated. Plus, Chase needs to find out more about her mother, who she has never met...

This book will suit wannabe teens and young teens in search of light thrills and escapism.

And don't miss the horsey tale by competition winner 14-year-old Jessica Webster from the Broxbourne School (where author Sara Grant is Patron of Reading) at the the back.

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