My First Book of Microbes

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and More

Publisher: Button Books

This fascinating picture book for junior readers delves into the hidden world of microbes, explaining what they are, where they are found and why they are essential to our existence.

Simple illustrations compare different micro-organisms to a grain of rice, which cleverly enables children to visualise their size. A range of topics are explored, including microscopes, cells and bacteria, with further sections on viruses, antibiotics and immunisation. There is an overview of major epidemics and pandemics throughout history, including a dedicated double-page spread on Covid-19. Children will also learn about several key scientists, such as Louis Pasteur, pioneer of modern microbiology, and Edward Jenner, who developed the first ever vaccine in 1796.

Attractively designed with a clear layout, this engaging book features colourful illustrations, useful diagrams and interesting fact boxes, alongside the informative text. Ideal for any budding young scientist, it brings the subject to life in an exciting and accessible manner.

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