Muncle Trogg

Publisher: Chicken House


Muncle Trogg is the smallest giant in the world - even his younger brother and baby sister are bigger than he is. The Troggs live in Mount Grumble with the rest of the giants, hiding away from the dangerous Smallings and their terrifying fire sticks.

Because of his tiny stature, Muncle is a disappointment to his parents and a laughing-stock to everyone at school – will he ever pass his Gigantia exams and get a job like everyone else? How can he make his parents proud of him? Only Wiseman Sir Biblos sees the potential in him, but when his brother Gritt gets into trouble for kidnapping a Smalling, can Muncle save the day?

This hilarious story about the importance of being yourself was the deserving winner of the Times Fiction Competition.

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