Mr Tweed's Good Deeds

Publisher: Flying Eye Books


The on-going success of Where's Wally suggests that look-and-find books will never be out of fashion but this offering from super-stylish Flying Eye Press is worthy of some particular attention. Mr Tweed is off out for his daily walk into town when he bumps into someone in need of some help. Little Colin Rocodile (brilliant!) has lost his kite in the park and lovely Mr Tweed is ready to help. The following spread is a wonderfully colourful and chaotic scene crammed full of tall trees and animal activity. It could take a minute or an hour to find that kite - it really depends on good you are at spotting! On the next page Mrs Fluffycuddles has lost two kittens in the garden and following that Mr McMeow misplaces three mice in the library. Everyone has lost something (the number of items increasing each time) and Mr Tweed and the reader have to be eagle-eyed to find them all. Mr Tweed's good deeds are rewarded on the last page when he is rewarded with a surprise party - of course there are ten presents to find first!

The format is classic but a sweet text and those brilliantly named characters add interest. Retro pixelated graphics look cool and unique and the busy scenes are so much fun to explore. Children will love playing along and discerning adults cannot fail to be impressed by Flying Eye's beautiful production. Mr Tweed's Good Deeds is very good indeed.

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