Mr Tiger, Betsy and the Golden Seahorse

Publisher: Zephyr

It’s time for another magical adventure with Betsy and Mr Tiger. What will they get up to this time?

Betsy and Mr Tiger join Betsy’s mum, Myrtle the mermaid, in her beautiful underwater world full of sea monsters, wrecked pirate ships and buried treasure… only to learn that a seapig’s prize-winning seahorse called Pudding Pie has been stolen by a wicked octopus. It’s up to Betsy and Mr Tiger to rescue the seahorse in their shiny new submarine - but they’re running out of time, and some tigers aren’t made for the sea…

Whilst this is the third whimsical story in the Mr Tiger and Betsy series, this charming adventure can easily be read on its own. Filled with stunning illustrations and printed using the dyslexie font, this romping quest is fun and accessible for children turning to books for a fantastical escape (especially when that world features quite so much lime ice cream).

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