More Bloody Horowitz

Publisher: Walker Books


The playful ironies hovering around the title of this blood-curdling story collection wonderfully encapsulate its tone which teeters deliciously on the cusp of scary and knowingly sharing a good joke. 

Horowitz respects his readers, and trusts them to know their way around the genre. 'The Man Who Killed Darren Shan' gently mocks over-the-top horror – and its practitioners! – ending with a nasty twist: 'Plugged In' and 'My Bloody French Exchange' revel in the world of the un-dead, whilst the genuinely shocking Game Show in 'Bet Your Life' and Jennifer’s demise in 'SheBay' take aspects of modern life to their extremes.

These inventive stories turn on those moments when 'things change in an instant ... to show something horrible on the other side.' Entertaining and unsettling in equal measure!

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