Moose’s Book Bus

Publisher: Walker Books

Moose loves telling stories to his family, but when he runs out of ideas, Mrs Moose suggests he reads to them instead. They don’t have any books in the house, and neither do their neighbours, so Moose visits the town library for inspiration.

When Bear sees all the lovely books Moose has borrowed, she brings her cubs round to listen to the tales. As word spreads, more of the woodland animals pile into Moose’s house for story time, until there is simply no more room. Realising that something needs to change, Moose engineers a mobile library that brings the joy of reading to the heart of the community.

Exquisite pencil, ink and watercolour illustrations contain a wealth of intricate detail and feature a charming cast of characters, including Badger, Fox and the Wild Pigs, as well as their numerous offspring. From atmospheric woodland scenes to Moose’s cosy living room with a roaring fire, every page is infused with warmth and gentle humour.

This delightful picture book, which celebrates the pleasure of sharing books, reading aloud and the importance of libraries, is sure to inspire young children to embark on their own reading journey.

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