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Publisher: Usborne


Renowned escapologist Jack Door has escaped from prison and is after the precious Moonlocket. Robert and Lily find themselves caught in his ruthless path as they discover that Robert’s past holds the key to unlocking the necklace’s secrets. The pair, plus sarcastic mechanical fox Malkin, find themselves plunged into another adventure taking in the darkest corners of Victoriana London.

This sequel to Cogheart is similarly action-packed, with a truly evil nemesis. However, it also focuses on both Lily and Robert’s struggles to come to terms with their identities. Lily is frustrated by her father’s overprotectiveness, yet can’t help but feel different due to her mechanical heart, while Robert is mourning the loss of his father and uncertain about his future. 

A thrilling return to the clockwork world, which explores trust, honesty and what it means to be family.

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