Molly Maybe's Monsters: the Dappity-Doofer

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Molly Maybe and her dog Waggy Burns sit up in their treehouse and watch their neighbour, Mr Brown, dig up a strange statue that he puts in his new pond. Next morning his lawn is covered with holes!

Molly knows these are not mole hills. She and Waggy go down through their tree into Undermunder, the land where the monsters live. The monsters are upset and angry because someone has stolen their monster mascot. What does Dappity-Doofer know about the missing mascot?

Can Molly, Waggy and Dappity-Doofer figure out how to retrieve the mascot from Mr Brown's pond? And can they find something special to put in its place?

Imaginative fantasy with bright, cheerful illustrations.

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