Minus Me

Publisher: Oneworld Publications


Linda first sees the pale, dark-haired boy with hypnotic eyes on the tram, then again at the swimming pool. As she steps off the highest diving board into thin air, her heart - literally - stops. She's resuscitated, but diagnosed with an incurable heart condition.

Forced to contemplate a future without herself in it - minus me - Linda attacks her wish-list for her 13th year; kissing boys, parties, danger, travelling unaccompanied. But the boy, Zak, keeps turning up, even when she runs away, accompanied by danger and strange coincidences. Who, or what, is he: an angel, or something else?

Intense, poetic, immediate, Linda's voice is distinctive and determined in this gripping, sensitive exploration of big issues - living, dying, loving, the nature of good and evil.

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