Mind Games

Publisher: Orchard Books

In Luna's world everyone is plugged in to virtual reality all the time, except her. She rarely sees her family, she is ostracised in school and she finds it impossible to keep up with friends who solely socialise online. She is a Refuser, not through religious or medical reasons but because she is one of the rare few who can exist inside and outside of virtual reality simultaneously. This is something her beloved Grandmother constantly told her was a dangerous thing to admit to, and should be hidden at all costs. So when Luna is picked to attend testing for PareCo, the company responsible for creating these virtual worlds, she knows her secret may finally be exposed. Could this be the end of her life as she knows it?

Teri Terry has once again delivered a roller coaster thriller that will delight fans and hook new readers. Using the trends of today she has developed a world where obsession with all things virtual has stopped people for truly experiencing life. Her characters are feisty and daring, with just enough self-doubt to make them endearing. Fans of her previous work Slated should look out for an ingenious reference to the book in this story. An exciting, well-written tale, well worth a read.

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