Mic Drop: A High Rise Mystery

Publisher: Knights Of

Up and coming popstar Trojkat – Katarzyna Clarke to everyone that lives in the Tri, a triple tower block in South London – is recording her latest video at the tower block she grew up in. Sisters Nik and Norva (especially Norva, who is a huge fan of Trojkat, and mortified that apparently she threw up in Katarzyna’s hair when she was a baby) are as excited as everyone else about the filming, and delighted when Katazyna ropes them in to be part of the shoot. Yet when tragedy strikes, Nik and Norva are there to investigate. Was it really an accident, or did someone have a grudge against Kat?

The second in Sharna Jackson’s High Rise Mystery books sees Nik and Norva return with another crime to solve on their home turf. As before, it’s great to see an inner-city crime mystery for kids, as well as two black girl sleuths, and Jackson gives us a twisty, witty novel full of red herrings, sass and adventure.  The feel is contemporary and modern, and Nik and Norva are an excellent pairing: Norva is outspoken and Nik more thoughtful, and, together with their best friend George, make a fearsome detection crew. Highly recommended.

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