Meg in the Jungle

Publisher: Puffin


It’s Mog the cat’s birthday and she makes a wish… to go to the jungle! Being a witch, this is no problem for Meg, who whisks them away on her broom. When they get to the jungle, Meg, Mog and Owl (who has flown along for the ride) meet Tiger and her cub, Raj. Yet Tiger is concerned that Raj hasn’t got any stripes and so can’t hunt – fortunately, it’s Meg to the rescue!

Despite her spell going slightly wonky – and a surprising transformation for Mog – they’re all back home in time for tea and a lovely birthday cake. Hurrah!

Jan Pienkowski’s inimitable artwork is full of bold colour, character and pizzazz in another simple, quirky story about everyone’s favourite picture book witch and her cat. This series is a huge favourite with parents and small children because of its graphic, slightly chaotic style that always feels accessible and fun, with lots of detail to point out, and a minimal text.

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