Meekoo and the Big Red Potty

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Meekoo is a big bear who plays with big bear toys and wears big bear pants. Suddenly, Meekoo notices the big bear pants are all wet and there is a yellow puddle on the floor. Meekoo has done a wee-wee. The next time Meekoo gets the wee-wee feeling, Meekoo knows just what to do.

This simple potty-training story is a short introduction to using a potty. It manages to avoid being gender specific and doesn’t dwell on the accident of the puddle on the floor. Next time, Meekoo knows to run to the bathroom and use the potty and is congratulated.

The illustrations are young and bright and the text is short and to the point. There are interactive buttons to press that make different noises, including a little tinkle and big cheer! Children will love pressing the buttons to hear the sounds and the simple text and cute characters will mean this story can be introduced way before potty training becomes an issue.

A cute little book, thoughtfully produced to make the potty an approachable concept for even the most sensitive child.

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