McTavish Takes the Biscuit

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

After McTavish, a rescue dog, whipped the Peachey family into shape, they’ve all become food fans, dining deliciously on delectable meals from lasagne to roast vegetable couscous to crème brulee, or porridge with blueberries and figs for breakfast.

Even Pa Peachey has gotten really into baking and is determined to win a local Bake Off competition, but his attempt to create the Palace of Versailles out of gingerbread might possibly be a little bit ambitious. Fortunately, McTavish is on the case to ensure that everything ends up as well as it can…

The third in this delightful series about a rescue dog who rescues his adoptive family sees McTavish become even more invaluable than ever. Rosoff’s writing is perfect and a pleasure to read; she’s an expert in representing families in all their maddening glory, and inspires a great deal of love for the pet that brings everyone together.

McTavish himself, inspired by a real-life Westie that Rosoff met in the park while walking her own dogs, is full of character and children will adore his quiet machinations for the good of the family.

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