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Publisher: Puffin

Welcome to a Society that utterly controls its citizens; what they eat, what they do, who they marry - even when they die.

When her life partner is revealed at her Match Banquet, Cassia is overjoyed to discover it is childhood friend, Xander.  But later, accessing a screen-message from her new Match, it's not Xander's face that flickers on-screen, but Ky Markham's, outsider and known Aberration. How could such a mistake happen? Forced to question everything she's previously accepted, Cassia must decide how far should she transgress Society's rules in order to be true to her feelings.

In this powerful, chillingly believable dystopia, Cassia's journey from unquestioning passivity to rebellion is compellingly portrayed. An intriguing, disturbing exploration of personal freedom in conflict with state control.

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