Magic Ink

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Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Comic strips come magically to life in this engaging illustrated novel about 12-year-old comic fan Stew.

Stew loves drawing his own comics, especially the adventures of his fantasy alter-ego, Stupendous Man. His love of comics came from his late grandad, who has recently died, leaving Stew and his family his house. On moving into his new home, things take a strange turn for Stew - first he and his family are greeted by a talking pig in a top-hat, and then he discovers a mysterious ink pot in the attic. When he starts drawing with the magic ink, Stew's artwork suddenly springs unexpectedly into life.

This wacky adventure is penned by Steve Cole, author of Astrosaurs and has the same lively, madcap feel. Illustrated by Jim Field, the visual elements combined with a readable text, and plenty of fun and humour will ensure that this book will especially appeal to less confident readers, as well as to fans of comics and graphic novels.

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