Mad About Trucks and Diggers

Publisher: Orchard Books

This fun-filled picture book features a medley of exciting vehicles for children to explore, from steam rollers and dumper trucks to ambulances and cranes.

Each colourful double-page spread is dedicated to a different vehicle, with an accompanying rhyme to describe its appearance and purpose. A muddy digger helps a construction worker scoop earth from the ground, while a transporter is loaded with cars, carrying them day and night to wherever they need to go. See the fire engine, with its ladders and hoses, as it works with brave firefighters to extinguish the flames of a burning building, and marvel at the thrilling monster truck with giant wheels, as it leaps through the air to win a race.

Ideal to promote discussion about the structure and function of a range of vehicles, it is perfect for children who are beginning to explore the world around them. The rhythmic text is accompanied by bright, bold illustrations, which fill every page, creating a lively book which will be treasured by any toddler who is 'mad about trucks and diggers'.

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