Mabel and the Mountain

Publisher: Puffin

Mabel might be small (in fact, she’s a fly), but she has some big plans, one of which is to climb a mountain. Her friends are distinctly unhelpful, telling her that it’s ridiculous and can’t be done, but Mabel is determined and sets off immediately.

On finding a mountain, Mabel starts to climb it. But after a lot of climbing, she’s still only a little way up. There are other, stronger and faster people (and goats!) climbing the mountain too, but Mabel perseveres, and finally, she makes it to the top! Congratulations, Mabel!

Hillyard’s first picture book is tremendously appealing, both for the brave-hearted Mabel who inspires her friends to achieve their dreams, and for Hillyard’s painted illustration which bursts off the page with a kind of unrestrained joy. It’s a lovely book about the power of believing in yourself, expressed simply and with impact.

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