Lulu and the Best Cake Ever

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Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

Over the hills and far away in Wagtail Town, little poodle Lulu makes up her mind she is going to make the Best Cake Ever and win the school cake-making competition. But in spite of her great ideas, things don't go to plan, and Lulu's cake doesn't turn out quite as she had hoped. Thankfully best friend Alfie is on hand to help, and Lulu soon learns that there's more than one way to be a winner.

Young readers will love pouring over the delightful page spreads in this charming picture book from Emma Chichester Clark depicting all the details of Wagtail Town - from 'Shampoodles' the dogs' beauty parlour to the Old Bones museum, and even a police-dog in his pooch patrol car. Chichester Clark's fresh illustrations are bursting with colour and character, and Lulu makes an adorable heroine for a sweet story that will help children understand that it's really the taking part that counts.

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