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Publisher: Chicken House

As she approaches adulthood, Caitlin's life in a small island community becomes increasingly troubled. She is drifting apart from her best friend, is frustrated by her father's reluctance to talk about the death of her mother, and has a strained relationship with her elder brother since he started univeristy.

She seeks solace in the company of Lucas, a new arrival on the island. Although Caitlin is immediately drawn to this enigmatic loner, the other islanders are extremely suspicious of the stranger, particularly as he doesn't conform to their ideas of 'normality.'

A tide of hatred rapidly builds up against him, fuelled by the fear and ignorance of the small-minded community, culminating in witch-hunt that ends in inevitable tragedy. This beautifully written, unusual novel explores the destructive nature of prejudice and mob violence. A compelling read from an outstanding author.

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