Love on the Main Stage

Publisher: Hachette

Nova Clarke is spending the summer working at her parents’ food truck as it tours festivals. She’s looking forward to working and partying hard with her friends, but not to falling in love: her heart’s just been broken. But life has other ideas. A cute American guitarist keeps bumping into her and suddenly the summer is looking more complicated, but maybe even more fun too.

This is a sweet romance with a truly contemporary feel, set in a teenage world full of positivity, joy and a sense of boundless possibilities. The descriptions of festivals and friendship brings a smile to the reader’s face. The multicultural, diverse settings in London and around the country reflect the real world, as does the slang the teenagers use. The tricky experience of having friends who are much wealthier than you also reflects the reality for many teenagers in areas like London. This is a lovely, light, escapist read with a happy ending, which may help to distract teenagers from depressing thoughts in difficult times. It could come at the perfect moment for those who are pining for the lost summer festivals of 2020.

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