Love, Lies and Lemon Pies

Publisher: Stripes Books

Life is tough for Lottie. Since her Dad died, her mum's been behaving strangely and things at home are difficult; her grades are dropping; and now her Head of Year is forcing her to see the pushy school counsellor. In a desperate attempt to keep up appearances, Lottie agrees to join the new school Bake Club. This way she can show everyone that she's fine - and who knows, maybe she'll even be able to rediscover her old love of baking?

At the first session, Lottie's surprised to see that school bad boy Mac has also joined Bake Club. He's the last person she'd expect to see baking cakes and pies, but she soon realises he also has something to prove, having been given one last chance before he's kicked out of school. Although at first they'd both rather be anywhere else, Lottie and Mac soon find themselves enjoying Bake Club - and an unexpected romance begins to blossom. But as she grows closer to Mac, can Lottie keep the truth about what's happening at home a secret?

This heart-warming teen love story is as sweet and light as the lemon pie of the title. The romance between quiet perfectionist Lottie and tough but caring Mac is beautifully drawn, and debut author Katy Cannon manages to delicately touch on some difficult issues, without compromising the lightness of the tone. Aspiring bakers will particularly enjoy the tasty recipes that appear at the start of each chapter.

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