Love is a Revolution

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Nala can't wait for the summer - all she wants is to kick back, relax and watch Netflix with her cousin-sister-friend Imani and their bestie Sadie.

But Imani has other ideas: she's taking part in a community volunteering project, which Nala feels excluded from. When she reluctantly goes to one of the project's open mic night events, though, she falls for the host Tye...

Keen to impress him, Nala weaves a story about her activism, transforming her visits to see her grandmother into a job, pretending to be vegetarian and changing her appearance. But what will happen when Tye discovers the truth? And will Nala ever be able to love herself for who she is?

Renée Watson perfectly captures the heady, stifling summer days of teenage life, and the struggles young people go through as they try to shape their identity. Nala makes a lot of mistakes along the way, but grows from them as the novel unfolds.

The story packs a lot in, and there will be plenty for teens to relate to, from the strain of friendships growing apart to the feeling that you don't fit in - and the pain of disappointing those you love. But with inspiring song lyrics, a witty tone and a celebration of positive body image, it's also heaps of fun.

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