Love and Other Perishable Items

Publisher: Ember

Chris is 22, still lives with his parents, drinks too much and funds his studies by working at Woolworths. His on-going search for the perfect woman remains obstinately fruitless. 

Initially, Amelia's just another trainee. But she's 15, funny, articulate, easy to be with, thinks about Great Expectations while packing groceries - and is secretly in love with Chris. Drunkenly at a party, Chris drops his ironic guard and blurts it out: if Amelia weren't 15, she would be The One. But surely the age gap is too wide?

Chris and Amelia's alternating voices narrate this wry, funny, self-deprecating everyday yet extraordinary story of love against the odds, beautifully capturing the intensity of confused, unrequited feelings, the highs and lows of adolescence and uncertainties of future adulthood.

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