Lost Magic: The Very Best of Brian Moses

Publisher: Macmillan Poetry

Brian Moses gathers 100 of his own favourite poems from his prolific career, which spans nearly 30 years.

It's a beautiful hardback book that makes a perfect present for young poetry lovers, including favourites 'The Ssssnake Hotel', 'The Lost Angels', 'Shopping Trolley' and 'Lost Magic'. There is sure to be something to inspire everyone.

Divided into tempting sections with names such as 'What do you do now you've been to the moon?', 'A waterfall of possibilities' and 'I don't want to believe what I'm told', it could be read from start to finish. However, a selection like this should be treated like a box of biscuits - dipped into at random, savouring the sweetness of each bite!

Moses is a brilliant poet and his welcoming words make poetry accessible for everyone. This is published as a children's book but there's nothing to stop adults enjoying the lovely poems, too. The amount of inspiration and excitement packed inside this neat little book make it very good value indeed.

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