Look, There’s a Helicopter

Publisher: Nosy Crow


This is a bright, sturdy board book which starts with spotting something new and exciting moving in the sky – an event which most toddlers and their parents will be familiar with – and grows that seed into an exciting story.

The illustrations are colourful, cheerful and attractive, and details such as comfortably rounded corners make this a pleasure to handle. A hole punched in each page frames detail and encourages small fingers to turn the page and get involved. The rhyming text leads the child through the helicopter’s journey from launch-pad to the aid of a sinking boat.

A passenger pigeon makes a recurring character to follow through and notice on every page, and it is refreshing to see that the rescued family are apparently of mixed ethnicities and that the helicopter pilot is a woman. All in all, this is a great first book for a child who is interested in vehicles.

A gentle, rhyming, tactile board book about a helicopter rescuing a family.

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