Long Gone Don and the Terror-Cotta Army

Publisher: The Phoenix Presents / David Fickling Books

Things got seriously weird for Don Skelton right after he drowned in a bowl of soup after a series of very unfortunate events involving a hamster, a caretaker and a playing card. Don now exists in an underworld known as 'Broilerdoom!' under the threat of a demon named Spode.

Spode has just recruited an evil mastermind by the name of Bone Dry Henson, and he’s promising to regain control of the city if he can get the second-in-command job. Corpse City will be attacked by a porcelain army, but can Don and his band of irregulars save the day?

More gorgeous artwork and fast-paced storytelling show that action, adventure and the undead are all alive and kicking in this new addition to the 'Phoenix Presents' series. Graphic novels can be a great way to encourage reluctant readers, and the impressive visuals of this stylish book could persuade an otherwise book-averse child to pick it up.

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