Little Green Donkey

Publisher: Walker Books

Little Donkey loves, loves, loves grass! It’s Little Donkey’s most absolute favourite food in the whole world. In fact, Little Donkey doesn’t want to eat anything other than grass for ever and ever.

Mum suggests trying something different, but Little Donkey doesn’t want to try even just a little taste of something else. But then Little Donkey eats so much just grass, she turns… green! Oh no! Now what is Little Donkey going to do?

This hilarious story subtly touches on the quirks of fussy eaters as Little Donkey learns to accept that eating only one thing for ever perhaps isn’t the best idea after all, and grudgingly agrees to try some different foods. From the little song about the joys of grass to the responses to the new foods being tried and the very funny final twist, Little Donkey is wonderfully characterised through both the text and illustrations.

A great story for sharing and a book to read again and again – and can you spot what the little mice are up to on each page?

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