Little Frog

Publisher: Alanna books

One beautiful summer's night a meteor falls from the sky. Inside is Little Frog. Father and Mother Frog think he's cute, but rapidly discover he is VERY NAUGHTY. 

He scribbles on sleeping Father Frog, bakes the phone and pees somewhere he shouldn't.  Father Frog screams; Mother Frog sobs; a frustrated Little Frog storms out.

An epic journey leads him to an ancient Old Man. "You need to find a quiet place inside yourself." he advises, but Frog's final attempt at goodness fails.  He is alone and unloved, but the Frog Family rescue him. "You may be naughty... but we still love you!"

With its idiosyncratic illustrations and a text full of understated humour, this is a witty story about trying not to be bad.

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