Little Bird Lands

Publisher: Nosy Crow

This compelling sequel to Little Bird Flies is set in the 1860s and charts one family’s journey from Scotland to America, in search of a better life. Fifteen-year-old Bridie MacKerrie, her younger brother Lachlan and their father flee their home following false accusations of murder, theft and kidnapping. After living in New York for a time, they are keen to find a permanent home, so travel west to Hawk’s Point, Michigan, where Mr MacKerrie has secured work and lodgings.

Although the copper-mining settlement is small and shabby, the MacKerries create a comfortable home and quickly make new friends. However, the town is dominated by some rather unpleasant residents, including aggressive Mr Nathaniel, who runs the general store, and the arrogant mine manager, Mr Eriksson, who keeps his reclusive young wife hidden away.

Convincing characters and a captivating plot combine with strong themes of discrimination, friendship and forgiveness to create a fascinating historical novel. Set against the backdrop of the American Civil War of 1861-1865, it also comments on the treatment of the Native American population, who were displaced and forcibly relocated to reservations to make way for the influx of European immigrants during this period.

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