Lily and the Rockets

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Publisher: Chicken House

When 14-year-old Lily Dodd is asked what her dream job would be, she has no hesitation. It has to be "Goalkeeper". But the year is 1917, three years into World War I, and Lily’s real life options for work are limited. Along with many of her peers, Lily is recruited by the Woolwich Arsenal to work producing ammunition for the British forces.

The work is tough but in their leisure time, the "munitionettes" set up their own football team and Lily wonders if her dream is really as unattainable as she once thought.

Inspired by the true stories of pioneering women’s footballers Gerty Naylor and Lily Parr, Lily and the Rockets is a real joy. Engrossing and engaging from the first page, it gives a fascinating insight into society’s approaches to women during a pivotal time for changing attitudes. But, far from being a slice of dry history, Lily’s intensely personal story of highs, lows, misunderstanding and self-realisation shines through and reveals a surprisingly relatable teenage heroine. 

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