Let’s Find Fred

Publisher: Scholastic

At the zoo, all the animals are ready for bed. All except Fred. The party-loving panda has other ideas, so he hitches a ride on a bunch of balloons into the city. Zookeeper Stanley sets off on his speedy scooter to bring Fred back. But where is the mischievous bear?

Fred is having such an adventure - making friends, eating candyfloss, learning the trumpet -and he's still not ready for bed. Fred's goal is to get to the Panda-Monium Ball!

Children will love spotting fun-loving Fred as he explores the city, from the market and the maze to the art gallery and, finally, the party. Adults will enjoy the visual references to panda versions of films, pop bands and paintings. Every page is overflowing with exciting action and funny moments, providing lots to talk about in this appealing interactive book for toddlers and young children.

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