Labyrinth: Find Your Way Through 14 Magical Mazes

Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions

An invitation to enter a maze is always enticing - and this book contains 14!

Each of these puzzling mazes offers a unique journey: whether it's negotiating a magical mansion to deliver a gift; helping a bird get food to her chicks through a tangle of worms; chasing a robot through a futuristic city; or helping a square find it's companion shapes through a fiendish geometric landscape. 

There are all manner of things to find and discover in the mazes, which become gradually more complex as the book progresses.

Generous page spreads draw the reader into bold, striking, brightly coloured graphic worlds, each one spatially and visually completely different, filled with clever, witty or humorous details. They each provide much to baffle, entertain and delight maze detectives everywhere.

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