Ketchup On Your Reindeer

Publisher: Alison Green Books

Do you like ketchup on your Christmas tree? Maybe you like ketchup on your fairy? Or what about dog biscuits on your feet? Or for your robin? Delicious! Well… perhaps not quite.

Nick Sharratt’s Christmassy flip book presents readers with thick card pages, divided in the middle and attached to a handy ring binding that they can combine in a variety of hilarious ways to ask lots of silly festive questions. Of course, there’s a certain pleasure too in reading all the right combinations too – the dog biscuits are really for your doggy, and the ketchup is perfect on sausages. But how much funnier to ask little ones whether they like tinsel on their sausages? NOOOO!

It’s a simple, playful premise, and just like Sharratt’s other books like You Choose, the book presents a clever interactivity that means a reader can play with it and read at the same time. The font is nice and big and with just a few words per page it’s a great book too for little ones just starting to learn to read.

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