Kentucky Thriller

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Publisher: Orion Children's Books

Laura Marlin’s third adventure begins when she, Tariq and Uncle Calvin discover an abandoned horsebox. Inside they find missing Kentucky Derby winner, Gold Rush.

When grateful owner Blake Wainwright arrives to recover his precious stallion, he invites Laura and Tariq to Kentucky to help ensure Gold Rush will race -  his farm’s future depends on it.   But the minute they arrive, Laura senses something amiss. Why is the Wainwright’s granddaughter so hostile? Who are the dark figures in the yard at night? Who’s spooking the horses with the scent of big cats? Could the sinister Straight A gang be involved?

Lauren St John delivers a fast-moving plot filled with doubles and doppelgangers in this exhilirating read . As always, Laura Marlin makes for a redoubtable heroine who can teach the professionals a thing or two about mystery solving.

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