Keith Among the Pigeons

Publisher: Child's Play

Keith the cat has a natural affinity with pigeons, despite his feline colleagues snubbing him on the grounds that he’s not a ‘proper’ cat. He resolves to become more pigeon-like by covering himself in feathers and trying to fly. However when his efforts fail and all his feathers fall off in the rain, a disconsolate Keith concludes that he must act like a cat, no matter how wrong it feels. Should he really keep trying to be something he’s not?

Thankfully, this accessible picture book sees our hero finally realise he doesn’t need to be a bird or cat - he can just be Keith. Important messages about feeling different and seeking acceptance and are given a fresh twist, enriched by quirky humour and even a delightful haiku (or ‘hi-coo’). Meanwhile a carefully controlled palette and a style inspired by screen printing create a calm and attractive visual effect.

A healthy reminder that we shouldn’t feel obliged to be pigeon-holed but rather accept ourselves for who we are.

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