Kate on the Case: The Call of the Silver Wibbler

Publisher: Piccadilly Press

In the latest adventure from Hannah Peck, reporter-in-training Kate and her best friend Rupert, a very anxious mouse, find themselves on a jungle cruise journeying downriver. As their voyage takes them through the jungle, she hears tales of a legendary bird, unseen by human eyes – the mythical Silver Wibbler. This is the scoop Kate’s been waiting for!

With the help of her new friend Brigadier Bertie, she has to slip past the watchful eye of the fearsome General Hornbill, leader of the Bird Brigade, and sneak off the ship to investigate – but does the Silver Wibbler even exist? And on a ship where nothing is quite what it seems, who can they trust?

Hilarious adventures abound in this joyous and ultra-silly whodunnit. Kate, Rupert, Bertie and all their companions are gorgeously illustrated in black and white and there are lots of fun little details to spot and puns to enjoy. There’s a strong message about standing up to bullies, too. A perfect bedtime mystery tale for children aged 6-8.

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