Just Like Me

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Publisher: Studio Press

Our uniqueness makes us who we are. This glorious anthology encourages us to celebrate this uniqueness and recognise our potential to achieve whatever we want.

The 40 neurologically and physically diverse people introduced in this book have done just that. They have all smashed stereotypes, overcome misconceptions and shown the world just what they are capable of. There’s a fascinatingly eclectic range of names, including both the globally famous (like Usain Bolt and Richard Branson) but also the lesser known, like Turia Pitt (who survived a fire with 65 per cent burns) and Nkosi Johnson (who was born with HIV). All their profiles are brought to life with absorbing biographies, inspiring quotes, facts and colourful portraits by four different artists.

Plus there’s a wealth of surprising facts and fascinating details to be discovered and discussed along the way. Who knew that Daniel Radcliffe had dyspraxia? Have you ever seen Frida Kahlo pictured in a wheelchair? And can you spot Matt Haig’s "black dog"?

The author (who has ADHD) sets out to prove to neurodivergent children that you can overcome any potential limitations of a label, but in doing so she has also created an absorbing and highly attractive book relevant to any and every child.

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