Jungledrop: The Unmapped Chronicles Book Two

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Fox and Fibber Petty-Squabble have been taught by their parents that there are only three things that really matter in life: money, money and money. And if you can be rude, unkind and stamp all over other people’s feelings while you are getting rich, so much the better.

When the warring twins are unexpectedly transported to the Unmapped Kingdom of Jungledrop, they are surprised to be welcomed as heroes: the very last hope for survival as the wicked Harpy, Morg, swallows up the world with her dark magic.

But success will mean working together and when your whole life has been a competition, with prizes going to whoever is nastiest and most hateful, surely your quest is doomed?

The brilliantly imaginative world-building in this absorbing and witty fantasy adventure provides a clever contrast to the down and dirty rivalry between Fox and Fibber, who have no concept of cooperation or kindness.

Like the best stories by Roald Dahl, the dark humour lightly conceals important life lessons for grumpy children and badly behaved adults. As the backstory to the Unmapped Kingdoms can be picked up easily, there is no need to have read the earlier books in this series.

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