Jonathan the Magic Pony

Publisher: Puffin

Jonathan the pony has been working on his magic tricks and thinks he’s really perfected making things disappear and reappear, all with a wave of his magic wand. Yet when Sarah’s red bear disappears and comes back blue, Sarah is not impressed. Getting less and less confident with his showy magic, Jonathan tries and tries to bring the red bear back but only succeeds in summoning a shark, a cloth, a baboon and a chimp. Disaster!

Yet when Jonathan sneezes and makes everything and everyone (including himself) disappear, it’s up to Sarah to bring everyone back.

A delightfully silly picture book with plenty of opportunity for shouting out BOOOMF! every time Jonathan uses his magic wand, this is a perfect storytime book for little ones at nursery or at home. There’s a nice message at the end too that it was Sarah that had the magic power all along.

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