Johnny Ball: Undercover Football Genius

Publisher: Walker Books

Johnny Ball loves football. The bad news is that he’s a bit rubbish as a player but the good news is that he has some really great tactical ideas.

The especially good news is that his ideas have landed him the job of assistant manager for the Tissbury Tigers Under 15s which, at the age of 9¾, makes him the youngest coach ever. The especially bad news is that Johnny’s older brother Daniel is the Tigers’ star player and he doesn’t want anyone to know they’re related. This means that Johnny starts his coaching career with a heavy disguise and a new name, as he embarks on a tumultuous race to finish at the top of the league.

Young football fans will love Johnny’s story as he tries to overcome problems like finding a role for a rubbish player who can’t be dropped or getting his brother to start playing as part of a team.

With plenty of helpful advice that works for life in general as well as for football, this is a wise but very funny book with an inclusive message and lots of witty black-and-white illustrations.

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