Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Lacey Chu has big dreams. Her ultimate aim is to design "bakus" (the perfect combination of super-smart technology and animal companion) for the giant tech company MONCHA.

When she fails to get a place at the prestigious Profectus academy, her dreams are in tatters until she comes across the mangled remains of a cat-like baku and sets about trying to repair it. Jinx, as she christens him, turns out to be something quite extraordinary and transforms her life for the better. Or is that just a distraction technique so Jinx can get exactly as he wants?

This original and gripping sci-fi thriller is set in the near future where technology and Artificial Intelligence are coming perilously close to independent existence. A cast of multi-ethnic characters and relatable teen experiences give a broad appeal, while an intense sense of increasing jeopardy will keep readers hooked.

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