Jingle Smells

Publisher: Bloomsbury

When Jingle, (a friendly yet rather smelly little skunk) goes into town to see the Christmas lights, he hears a cry for help from a reindeer on a snowy roof. Bravely climbing up to see how he can be of assistance, Jingle finds Santa tied up in his sleigh and some very mean robbers taking all the presents! Fortunately, Jingle has a not-so-secret weapon in his possession: a powerful aroma that lays the robbers out cold. Hooray!

With Christmas saved, Santa can return to his deliveries – and perhaps, for one night only, there’s a place on the sleigh for a very brave (and stinky) Jingle too.

A perfect book for kids who love all things fart, poo and wee, Jingle Smells has plenty of “eurgh!” moments, but also a reassuring message that, whoever you are, you can be a hero.

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