Chronicles from the Holy City

Publisher: Jonathan Cape

In the past, Guy Delisle has made a career of drawing short graphic vignettes and stories about his travels in countries such as Burma and North Korea, discussing the foibles of the country and the real life day-to-day impact of its politics on its citizens. He is fair and sensitive and funny and authentic. The character of him is two parts buffoon to one part mildly irritated, and this brings the vignettes and short stories to life with an incredible amount of verve.

So why should Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City be any different?

Jerusalem takes Guy's slightly befuddled, easily flustered cipher to… yes, you guessed it Jerusalem, where he finds himself in the seat of many religious interests. He visits both sides of the wall. He encounters bureaucracy, idiosyncratic transport, bizarre social occasions, and the unifying togetherness of human concern. What we're left with is a book that is fair about the conflicts and difference of religions but also manages to capture the human spirit in all its contradictions and emotions. It's a dazzling brilliant book that is subtly political, never heavy-handed and always cast with a fair eye.

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